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Your one stop shop for annuals, perennials, fruit and veggie plants, shrubs and trees. Located five miles north of Athens, WI on highway 97
Due to the coronavirus, we will not be able to hold our Planting Workshop this year, but as an alternative, we will be accepting containers to plant up for you. Just give us a call to set up a time for drop off.
We will be opening on the 1st of May, but we're going to be making a few changes. The first is that we'll be offering curbside pickup for anyone that wants to phone in or email their order ahead of time, to limit the amount of contact with others. To help with this, we have updated our website with prices so you can easily find anything you need and will know how much it will be.
The second change is that we'll be taking customers who want to come in, by appointment only. This will keep crowd sizes down and comply with social distancing.
Things are strange right now, and there are a lot of unknowns, but we are dedicated to providing our customers with a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos. It's amazing what flowers can do for the psyche, and what homegrown vegetables can do for the soul. Please explore the website and shop to your hearts content, and planting season will be here before we know it. We look forward to seeing you all in the safest way we possibly can.

Pink Sky 12" Basket

Cardinal Birdhouse

Astronomical 14" Basket

Come and see our wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs & fruit and vegetable plants, and with over 2,000 hanging baskets and planters to choose from, we have something for everyone's tastes!

Flamingo Planter

Walk in the Clouds Cone Hanging Basket

Pillar Pink Geraniums

Opening Day through June:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm

July through October:
Thursday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Burgundy Sky Petunia

Tin Goat on Bike Planter

Purple Prince Petunia

*All plants available may not be listed, and all plants listed may not be available
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