All of the beautiful combinations below are available to purchase in one container, and each individual plant is also available on its own as well, so you can either skip all the hard work or take on a build it yourself project. You can choose to create one of the already designed containers, or to pick and choose your favorite individual plants to make something that is as unique as yourself! With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Confetti Garden - 3 Plants Fused into 1! Just transplant & relax!
Confetti Hawaiian Country Confetti Hawaiian Hilo Confetti Hawaiian Kalani Confetti Hawaiian Luau

Confetti Garden - Hawaiian Mahalo Confetti Garden - Glossy Cherry Confetti Garden - Glossy Grape Confetti Garden - Hunny Bunny

Confetti Garden - Liberty 2016 Confetti Garden - Monterey Beach Confetti Garden - Patriot Garden Party - Night Life

Garden Party - Red Lights Garden Party - Burgundy Balloons Garden Party - Pink Balloons Garden Party - Yellow Balloons

*All plants available may not be listed, and all plants listed may not be available