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Arugula - Astro
Astro is an arugula selected for less deeply lobed (strapleaf) leaf shape and mild flavor. This variety is exceptionally vigorous, quick to germinate and ready to cut as baby leaf in just 3 weeks!

Basil - Aristotle
Aristotle is a small leaved, highly aromatic and highly disease resistant Basil with a very rounded plant habit. Aristotle looks as good as it tastes and makes a delightful feature plant in pots or containers or even planted into a sunny spot in the garden.

Basil - Dolce Fresca
Ah, the name says it all: sweet, fresh basil for your garden, patio, and kitchen windowsill! This award-winning variety combines intensity of scent and flavor with a super-compact, vigorous habit.

Basil - Lime
The 'Basil Lime' Herb Plant is a unique flavor combination of basil with a twist of lime! Snipped leaves are a lovely addition to marinades, vinegars or jellies, as well as chopped for use with grilled fish, salads, pasta, and poultry dishes.

Basil - Purple Ruffles
Purple Ruffles has large and frilly purple ruffled leaves and a fragrance and flavor stronger than Sweet Basil but milder flavor than Green Ruffles. It will add color and flavor to herb vinegars.

Chives - Garlic Geisha
Geisha is a vigorous grower with a nice ‘just-right’ garlic flavor. Slightly wider, flatter and more refined leaves topped by pretty white flower stalks late in the season mean this is another edible that can serve a dual purpose as an ornamental.

One of the most popular herbs used, Cilantro is fast growing and highly aromatic. Cilantro grows to 24 inches tall with celery like stems. Cilantro can be harvested in bunches, trim the upper fine looking leaves for best flavor, leave the lower fern looking ones.

Dill - Bouquet
One of the most useful and beautiful herbs! This early bird bloomer produces GIANT 6” wide sunshiney flowers, just perfect for pickling veggies. The foliage is fantastic sprinkled on almost anything you grill up and perfectly enhances fish, potatoes, salads, dips and dressings!

Fennel - Florence
The bulbous stem can be steamed, grilled or served raw; it's like celery with a delicate anise aroma. Chopped and sauteed, it's great with shrimp.

Lavender - Munstead
‘Lavender 'Munstead' is a dependable performer with profusely blooming lavender-blue flowers. This aromatic herb is perfect for herb sachets, potpourri and fresh or dried arrangements. Also a delicious culinary herb, you can add it to your favorite summer drinks and salads or to lend a light flavor to fish, meat or soups.

Lemongrass grows in clumps and produces long, slender stems. It is a popular culinary herb in Asian cuisine and used to add lemony flavor to soups, stews, curries and vegetable and rice dishes. Due to the presence of certain volatile oils in the leaf, lemongrass is also used as a natural insect repellent.

Mint - Peppermint
The Peppermint Herb Plant is a perennial herb with lovely purple flowers and long, slender green leaves. Peppermint is regarded as the world’s oldest medicine, consumed in teas to relax the stomach and aid digestion. Peppermint thrives in part sun to shade and is an aggressive grower if not controlled. It’s well suited for container gardening.

Mint - Spearmint
The Spearmint Herb Plant is a perennial herb grown for the highly aromatic oil in its leaves, which are used whole, chopped, steeped or dried—in teas, sweets, chewing gum, mixed drinks, toothpaste and fragrances. Spearmint can grow 2-3 feet tall, and it has vigorous spreading roots that need to be controlled, making it a great candidate for container gardening. Spearmint flourishes in partial shade but thrives in sunny gardens and landscape beds.

Oregano - Cleopatra
Pretty silver gray foliage makes this another herb that will be appreciated for its ornamental value. Cleopatra has a mildly spicy, pepperminty flavor perfect in Mediterranean dishes, soups and sauces.

Parsley - Italian Broadleaf
The attractive and tasty leaves are strong flavored and that make it the parsley associated with Italian dishes. The flat dark green leaves are a rich source of vitamins and make an excellent garnish. Excellent drying variety that it has a strong parsley taste and is the most popular variety for use as a seasoning.

Parsley - Triple Curled
A large and bushy vigorous variety of parsley with closely curled dark green leaves. It is fast growing and holds for a long time when mature, making harvesting easy. Excellent taste.

Enjoy Rosemary, a very useful and popular herb in cooking meats, poultry and as a seasoning for potatoes. The wonderful flavored leaves are a culinary treat! Growing 24 inches, Rosemary makes a beautiful ornamental plant in your herb garden. A full sun location is where Rosemary feels most at home. Water as needed watching out for the first sign of wilt. Add a dash of Rosemary to your favorite dinner dish for just the perfect flavor.

Enjoy the taste of sage straight from your garden. Hardy in zones 4 -8, Sage can be grown as a perennial in your herb gardens. Sage leaves are best when picked right before or just after they are done flowering. Sage adds a nice taste to your sausage, poultry, and other meats. Grown in a full sun location that is adequately watered is the best place for Sage.

Sage - Purple
An attractive, upright perennial with aromatic, grey green foliage, which is initially flushed with a reddish-purple as it emerges. Delicious when used to make stuffings, as well as enhance the flavour of many meat and fish dishes.

Stevia Sweet Leaf
Incredibly sweet leaves are a tasty herbal alternative to sugar. Plants are bushy with a high yield that will leave you with plenty to use both fresh and dried.

Summer Savory
This delicate, aromatic little plant grows quickly in rich soil. Used in bean, pea and lentil recipes, summer savory has a more delicate flavour than winter savory. Sow Summer Savory seeds in the spring. After flowering, pull it up and hang to dry.

Tarragon - Russian
Similar to French tarragon, but producing a more vigorous plant. Russian Tarragon produces branching stems of lance-shaped, aromatic foliage can be used for tarragon vinegars, in white sauces and salad dressings, or with chicken, fish and egg dishes.

Thyme vulgaris
Fragrant, upright foliage with a classic flavor and aroma. Great for seasoning poultry, fish, pork, sauces and soups, and in herbal vinegar. Dry or freeze leaves for winter use, or grow in a container indoors.

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