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Mountain Ash - Showy
Height: 25 Feet $89.95
Spread: 15 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: A hardy accent tree for small landscapes, featuring showy clusters of white flowers in spring followed by bright scarlet berries lasting into winter; attractive compound leaves turn red and orange in fall; needs well drained soil, resistant to fireblight

Birch - Heritage River
Height: 40 - 50 Feet $89.95
Spread: 25 - 40 Feet
Sun Needs: Full to Part Sun
Description: The Heritage River Birch stands out in the spring and summer months with a vast display of shiny green leaves. The 2 to 4 inch triangular shaped blades are shinier than other birch trees.

Birch - Whitespire
Height: 30 - 40 Feet $89.95
Spread: 20 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: The Whitespire Birch displays chalk-white bark that does not exfoliate. This birch tree is tolerant of most soil conditions and considered to be resistant to bronze birch borer. Make sure to plant this tree where soil is likely to remain cool. It has a wonderful yellow fall color.

Height: 20 - 40 Feet $89.95
Spread: 20 - 30 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun to Part Shade
Description: The Ironwood Tree, also known as the American hornbeam, is a favorite landscaping tree that attracts birds and other wildlife throughout the year. The Ironwood Tree has a compact shape with a thin trunk and a full, round canopy.

Linden - Greenspire
Height: 40 - 50 Feet $89.95
Spread: 30 - 35 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: Try the strongly pyramidal Greenspire Linden tree. It features a neat, trim and uniform appearance. You'll love the look. It's also one of the most adaptable trees you'll find. Greenspire Linden even thrives in urban environments. Simply give it a spot in full sun and enjoy!

Maple - Firefall
Height: 50 Feet $89.95
Spread: 35 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: The tree is considered to be a fast-growing tree, very hardy for the Wisconsin climate. The Firefall Maple Tree provides a great red fall color and is seedless. It is a cross between an Autumn Spire Maple and a Silver Maple.

Maple - Northwood Red
Height: 40 Feet $89.95
Spread: 35 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: Very hardy Red Maple from northern Minnesota. Shape is broadly oval to rounded. Foliage is medium green becoming variably reddish in the fall. Moderately fast growing.

Sugar Maple
Height: 55 - 75 Feet $89.95
Spread: 30 - 50 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: Beauty, charm and strength - the Sugar Maple is a hardwood that embodies it all. Rising to large heights, the Sugar Maple expands its grace, spreading out its incomparable leaves. With a gorgeous array of brilliant colors, Sugar Maples make an exceptional roadside tree.

Oak - Burr
Height: 70 - 80 Feet $89.95
Spread: 70 - 80 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: The Burr Oak is a very long-lived tree and can live for over 200 to 300 years. Because of its massive size and longevity, it is a slow-growing tree, with height increases of less than a foot per year, but it is resistant to pollution and heat stress.

Oak - Northern Red
Height: 60 - 75 Feet $89.95
Spread: 45 - 50 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: If you're looking for a huge shade tree that you don't have to worry about, the Northern Red Oak is the way to go. Long-lasting, incredibly hardy and fast growing, this tree is the perfect investment for nearly every American family.

Oak - Swamp White
Height: 50 - 60 Feet $89.95
Spread: 50 - 60 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: As the name suggests, this oak is found growing wild in low-lying and swampy areas — often moist bottomlands or river banks. But it grows just as well in an urban or suburban setting, with tolerance to compacted soil and (perhaps surprisingly) drought.

Willow - Dappled
Height: 6 - 8 Feet $32.95
Spread: 6 - 8 Feet
Sun Needs: Full to Part Sun
Description: A stunning variegated willow tree! One of the most striking ornamental trees! Pretty pink shoots are show-stoppers. Variegated leaves are creamy white and green.

Willow - Prairie Cascade
Height: 30 - 35 Feet $89.95
Spread: 30 - 35 Feet
Sun Needs: Full Sun
Description: Prairie Cascade is a stellar form of Willow. It starts growing strong and straight like a soldier, but as it ages it begins to form the 'weeping' habit you want in a Willow. The fine texture of the leaves stand out in contrast to most other thickly-leaved trees and plants in the landscape.

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